Duty to inform according to
§5 E-Commerce Act,
§14 Company Code,
§63 Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act and disclosure obligation according to
§25 Media Act.

E-Casino Academy GmbH
Esteplatz 8/7 1030
1030 Vienna

Company purpose:
The development and distribution of digital solutions, in particular for online training; holding of (online) advanced training courses and training; trading in goods of all kinds; electronic online trading (e-commerce); consultancy activities in the area of the object of the company; provision of IT services, in particular the operation of online platforms; development and realization of communication projects; software development;

UID-Nummer: ATU79000313
Firmenbuchnummer: FN 597344 y
Firmenbuchgericht: HG Wien Firmensitz: 1030 Wien


Member of: WKO Professional Law:
Trade Regulation:

Supervisory authority/commercial authority:
Vienna District Administration
Job title: E-Learning
Awarding country: Austria

Managing Director
Niklas Sattler
Mario Vogel-Kaspar